Holocaust Witness to Speak at RWTH


The Didactics of Social Science Teaching and Learning Department has organized a talk with Tswi Herschel.


On Tuesday, January 16, 2018, Holocaust survivor Tswi Herschel will give a talk titled "Life Calendar of a Jewish Boy" at RWTH Aachen. The event is from 4 to 6pm.

Born into a Jewish-Dutch family in 1942, Herschel began to flee from the National Socialists shortly after his birth. The last time he saw his parents was in the Amsterdam ghetto; they did not survive the Holocaust. While on the run he moved frequently – later changing his name and religion. After the chaotic circumstances of the postwar years, he was found and subsequently raised by his grandmother. As an adult he emigrated to Israel, where he continues to live.

In his talk Tswi Herschel will offer a look into his life during and after the Holocause. The public event will take place in Hörsaal H07 in C.A.R.L., Claßenstraße 11, 52072 Aachen.

The Didactics of Social Science Teaching and Research Department invites all interested individuals to attend this public event.