RWTH Senior Citizen Students Donate to Aachener Engel e.V.


RWTH Aachen senior citizen students have once again made a financial donation to Aachener Engel e.V.


Günter Behner from the Spokesperson Council donated 600 euros on behalf of the students. Since 2009, the senior citizen students have raised money for the organization, which help those in need due to unforeseen circumstances in the Aachen region. The donations in the past have helped fund a wheelchair ramp, electric devices, sports clothing, school materials, and even tutoring lessons.

RWTH Studies for Senior Citizens is a continuing education offer for those who are interested in scientific questions or who want to learn more in individual disciplines. Approximately 700 senior citizen students attend not only special courses but also the regular course offerings. They cannot earn an academic degree through their studies, however.

Source: Press and Communications