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RWTH offers creditable virtual course before students start their degree program


Due to the current coronavirus pandemic and the resulting postponement of the 2020/21 winter semester, RWTH Aachen University wants to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization during this time. For the first time, the University is offering prospective engineering students the opportunity to take the first semester module "(Higher) Mathematics 1" as part of the online course "HM4mint-intensive" and to take an exam before starting their degree program. The course thus offers the opportunity to use the time before the late semester start to acquire study and examination credits and to gain experience in learning at university level.

Students take higher mathematics at the beginning of their engineering degree program, therefore, the module is particularly important for the transition from school to university. Tutors and lecturers pick up from what the first-year students previously learned at school in mathematics and repeat these skills from a university perspective.

The offer is based on an initiative of Professor Aloys Krieg, Vice Rector for Teaching and Learning at RWTH that was brought to the "HM4mint.nrw" consortium while it was headed by RWTH. HM4mint.nrw is an independent project of Digital University NRW and is offered as a virtual self-study course. A new feature of the intensive course now offered is that additional tutorials, question times, and lecture videos are offered via RWTH's virtual learning platforms.

The course starts on September 1, 2020 and ends with the final exam on October 24. Students can register from August 1 to 23, 2020. Further information, only available in German.