RWTH Congratulates 72 Apprentices for Completing Their Training

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72 RWTH apprentices received their completion certificates. During a graduation ceremony they were congratulated by Heinz Gehlen from IHK Aachen and RWTH Chancellor Manfred Nettekoven.


Souad Ayyad, Karolin Becker, Patrick Guth, Leonie Körfer, Timo Linzenmeier, Sandra Poblocki, and Sarah Taxweiler will work as as chemical laboratory assistants in the future.

Thomas Engelen, Michael Martin Hamacher, and Johannes Walter Marius Kleutgens were trained as electronics technicians for devices and systems.

Vocational training to become an IT specialist with a specialization in systems integration was completed by Melanie Cyron, Jan Philipp Deutz, Robin Niklas Gebhardt, Thiemo Nikolas Hadamik, David Herpens, René Abdullah Kocgazi, Thomas Küppers, Lars Leroy, Tobias Offergeld, and Mike Steffens.

The following students finished training as industrial mechanics in precision tool-making: Marcel Bauer, Marcel Fuß, Marvin Georg Hahn, Lutz Horbach, Andreas Kever, Michael Köhlbach, Simon Maul, Christopher Henrik Mertens, Martin Meuthen, Christopher Pavonet, Thomas Rojewski, Nicolas Schümmer, Julian Stender, and Marvin Wenzel.

Jan Büßenschütt completed training as a technical product designer. Yannik Vonderhecken is now an automotive mechatronics engineer. Manuel Wagner will work as construction materials testers in the future, Jessica van Hasselt as a specialist for market and social research. Seyed Hassan Mossawi finished his vocational training as a textile production mechanic.

Janine Cremer, Anne Gudrun Laidanick, Aleksandra Nikolic, Romina Reddig, Laura Rothkranz, Sandra Thiel, Guilia Weykopf, and Anastasija Wins will be employed as management assistants for office communication in the future.

Lara Ruth Maria Giese, Mona Hamacher, Jasmin Hompesch, Stefan Köpke, Anne-Maria Lahaye, Christina Mennicken, Sylvia Meurers, Julia Sieben, Miriam Strauch, and Lena Wege will be employed as management assistants for office communication in the future.

Jerome Holger Dunkel and Jaqueline Külzer will work as management assistants for dialogue marketing.

Source: Press and Communications