RWTH Named Best University Nationally for Industrial Engineering


With its latest university ranking, the WirtschaftsWoche magazine once again confirmed RWTH’s excellent reputation among companies.


Every year, 500 human resources managers are asked to rank universities according to which university delivers the best education in their opinion. With respect to engineering there is a clear consensus: Applicants from RWTH are considered to be particularly qualified.

RWTH's industrial engineering degree program was ranked first place. Every third HR manager said to favor RWTH graduates when recruiting new industrial engineering talent for their company. Coming in second place, RWTH’s programs in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and natural sciences also finished exceptionally well. In computer science, RWTH took a strong third place.

The ranking shows that RWTH is not only an excellent research university, but that it also provides an outstanding education. The great quality of RWTH graduates’ education is reflected in their reputation; they are optimally prepared for entry into the job market.