BMBF and HRK are Supporting the Project "ReaDy@RWTH"




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Equality and Diversity are at the Heart of the University's Diversity Strategy.


The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the German Rectors' Conference (HRK) are funding the project "Realizing Diversity: Equal Opportunities and Diversity at RWTH Aachen University", or ReaDy@RWTH for short, as part of the nationwide initiative "Diversity at German Universities". Organized by the Integration Team - Human Resources, Gender and Diversity Management (IGaD), the project aims to support the implementation of the diversity strategy until 2027.

With the strategy paper adopted in December 2022, RWTH is supporting its efforts to become a place where all people feel welcome and can research, learn, teach and work together in an environment free of discrimination and exclusion. Specifically, ReaDy@RWTH will focus on three areas for the funding period until the end of April 2024: Target agreements between central and decentralized parties, a Diversity Monitoring Roadmap, and an awareness campaign "Realize Diversity!". "For a University such as RWTH with its claim to excellence in research, teaching and operations, the conscious and appreciative handling of diversity and the promotion of equal opportunities are decisive factors for its future and competitiveness," explains Professor Sabine Brück, Vice-Rector for Human Resources Management and Development.

The three focal points of the ReaDy@RWTH project work in different ways toward the goals of the HRK's "Diversity at German Universities" initiative, which now supports a total of 33 German universities. These are: promoting diversity awareness and sharpening the objectives of the diversity strategy in decentralized University units; strengthening the data base on diversity dimensions and placing the further development of equal opportunity measures on a more solid footing in the long term; and making RWTH's diversity goals and values visible and tangible both inside and outside the University. "Taken together, the measures planned as part of the ReaDy@RWTH project therefore provide an indispensable impetus for the further development of a diversity-sensitive, diversity-promoting, and diversity-appreciating University culture, as well as for the sustainable establishment of equal-opportunity framework conditions for all University members," emphasizes Vice-Rector Brück.