Privatissimo – "Meta-Physik" Can Explain Everything


A real scientist pursues his work undeterred, whatever happens in the world. This includes also being able to critically  – and satirically – scrutinize herself. And if not, the artists have a go at it – at least that's what Wendelin Haverkamp thinks. 



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Connected to RWTH as an alumnus as to the city of Aachen through his roots in Westzipfl, he developed an event series that will take place for the sixth time on July 2, 2014, incorporating satirical cabaret, rousing music, and conversations with highly educated guests. There is only one rule: Everything but boredom is allowed. Let yourself be surprised by an RWTH, that wishes to be elite even in self-criticism.

As at every other Privatissimo event, Uwe Rössler and his Tiffany ensemble will provide musical entertainment during the intermissions. Their specialty is newly arranged classics from different genres, which Uwe Rössler moderates with his wit.

Privatissimo will take place Wednesday, July 2 at the Couvenhalle, RWTH Aachen, Kármán-Straße 17-19. Tickets are 15 Euros per person (reduced rate: 10 Euros), available at the AZ/AN MediaStore and at the box office.