RWTH Aachen Happy Edition

Students dancing on grass in front of the SuperC Copyright: © RWTH Aachen

Last week one may have seen people dancing and jumping around the Main Building, SuperC, and Kármán Auditorium. The reason: RWTH Aachen's version of Happy was being filmed.


The Happy phenomenon began in Los Angeles but it has turned into a worldwide movement. People around the world are dancing to the song "Happy" by Californian musician and producer, Pharrell Williams, to show their love for their city and express their positive attitude towards life. There are currently about 700 clips from almost 90 countries, including cities, countries, and universities – and there is no end in sight.

The RWTH Happy edition was filmed by Aachen filmmaker Wisam Zureik. We particularly thank the hip hop group and gymnasts from RWTH University Sports for their breathtaking acrobatics and exciting choreography – and of course all students and employees who were involved.

Source: Press and Public Relations

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The Happy Edition of the RWTH Aachen