RWTH Fares Well In International Ranking


QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021 confirms the University’s very good reputation. 


The ranking, which serves to document the best universities worldwide, is split up into five subject areas and disciplines and is determined based on citations, which demonstrate academic performance and the reputation of universities. RWTH performed particularly well in the Engineering and Technology category, achieving the world ranking of 43 – placing it second among German universities.

RWTH also performed well in individual disciplines. The University of Excellence is listed among the strongest educational institutions in the world in 21 subjects spanning from architecture to economics. The University’s best result in an individual discipline was mechanical engineering, positioned at 18, closely followed by mining engineering at 21. RWTH also ranks among the top 50 universities worldwide in electrical engineering, chemical engineering, materials science, and, for the first time, statistics.

The University is positioned in the top three in Germany in ten subjects and was the country's best performer in civil engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, and materials science. With second place in the subjects of mining engineering, electrical engineering, and statistics, the University substantiated its outstanding position in Germany. RWTH also achieved impressive results with third place in architecture, chemistry, and computer science among German universities.

Source: Press and Communications