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Over 80,000 individuals – about half of the persons working in Aachen – commute between their home and their workplace in Aachen. About 75 percent of them drive into the city using their own car; only four percent make use of ridesharing opportunities.      

  Promoting Ride-Sharing: Michelle Wobbe, VRR, Hubert Schramm, Uwe Zink und Armin Langweg, City of Aachen, Birgit Krücken, AVV, und Richard Corban, RWTH Aachen. Copyright: © Stadt Aachen

The City of Aachen encourages commuters to carpool in order to reduce commuting traffic and relieve the environment. It advises commuters in Aachen to make use of Pendlerportal (de), a ridematching website whose design and usability have recently been further improved. The website offers about 1,200 rides for North Rhine-Westphalia alone; 28 NRW cities and counties, including Aachen and the Aachen City Region, contribute to the portal.

Participation from RWTH Aachen

RWTH Aachen, as a large employer in the region, supports sustainable mobility solutions and thus promotes use of the carpooling website: the aim is to increase the use of ridesharing opportunities among staff members.

As Armin Langweg from the City of Aachen explains, employees who live 15 kilometers away from the workplace and use their own car to get to work incur commuting costs of about 2000 Euros per year, including about 700 Euros for fuel and 550 Euros for parking. Using ridesharing options, these costs can be significantly reduced.

Smartphone App Available

Use of the website, which has been optimized for the use with smartphones and tablets, is free of charge; moreover, an app for smartphones is available.