Strong Results for RWTH


The CHE ranking published on May 7, 2019 in the ZEIT Student Guide 2019/20 once again confirms the high quality of RWTH's courses of study.  


This year, the Centre for Higher Education, or CHE for short, evaluated courses of study in the fields of humanities and engineering. The ranking compares universities in German-speaking countries in each subject based on up to 29 different criteria. The CHE then categorizes universities into top, mid-level, and final groups for the individual criterion. The ranking is intended to support prospective students in choosing the right course of study and university for them.

Three humanities subjects were analyzed at RWTH: English studies, German studies, and psychology. As for the engineering subjects evaluated, the areas of architecture, material sciences, electrical engineering, civil engineering, environmental engineering, and mechanical engineering were the main focus. The University was ranked a total of 141 times – featuring in the top group 41 times, and only placed in the final group on 7 occasions.

Moreover, the ranking highlighted the international focus of nearly all Master courses of study. Another particularly positive feature was the support given to students at the start of their studies.

At the core of the CHE ranking is the student survey, which showed that RWTH students are generally very pleased with the organization of their studies and the feasibility of completing their studies. This includes for example accessibility of classes, clash-free scheduling, and appropriate student numbers. The majority of the students surveyed ranked the course offerings at the University as very good.

Editorial by: Press and Communications