Valentine Gesché Wins NRW Innovation Award

A woman with an award surounded by three men Copyright: © Susanne Kurz

Three outstanding female scholars were awarded the 2019 Innovation Prize by the NRW Minister for Economic Affairs Andreas Pinkwart – one of the recipients is the RWTH scholar Dr.-Ing. Valentine Gesché.


The Innovation Prize of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia is the second highest award bestowed to scientists in Germany in terms of prize money, only surpassed by the German Future Prize conferred by the Federal President. It is awarded in the categories “Honorary Award”, “Innovation”, and “Young Talent.” With this award, the state recognizes excellent research with particular importance for society, scientific potential, and relevance in application.

The prize in the category Young Talent, which is worth 50,000 euros, was awarded to Valentine Gesché from the “Institut für Textiltechnik” (ITA) of RWTH Aachen University. Gesché has researched and developed textile-based, custom-fit implants for patients that are produced in a cost and time efficient manner thanks to a continuous digital process chain.

“Ms. Gesché is an outstanding young scholar who also has the right entrepreneurial spirit to implement her research achievements to benefit people in need. In addition, her work in custom-tailored medicine highlights the exciting new prospects that are open to dedicated entrepreneurs – as well as patients – in the health care field and in business,” Pinkwart explained at the award ceremony in Düsseldorf.

Source: Press and Communications