First Energy Management Day at the Jülich Campus of FH Aachen


The first Energy Management Day on the Jülich Campus of FH Aachen will take place on Wednesday, July 2, 2014. It is being held by the FH Aachen and the Departments of Energy Technology, Medical Technology, and Technomathematics, the Stiftung Energieinformatik, the Forschungszentrum Jülich, and the RWTH Aachen Institute of Power Systems and Power Economics. Interested individuals can register till June 14.


The colloquium, which lasts a full day, will take place on the Jülich campus of the FH Aachen and is oriented towards representatives from politics, business, and research, who deal with challenges of the modern energy market. It offers participants a platform to talk with other professionals about different aspects of energy management and their technologies.

The Energy Management Day is the organizers' response to the rapid developments in the electricity market in the past years: the electricity market is not only more complex and confusing than it was ten years ago, but IT solutions are gaining importance in many fields, whether it be in the development of intelligent networks and the system integration of renewable energies or in the administration of real time data for trade. This changed situation ensures a great need for exchange between business, the public sector, and research. The event organizers are closing this communication gap with the Aachen/Jülich Energy Management Day.

Three focuses have been planned for this initial Aachen/Jülich Energy Management Day: an overview of the current state and challenges of energy informatics will be provided through various presentations. Additional topics are Smart Market and Smart Grid. Participants will be able to discuss with the renowned speakers about the changes in the modern energy market and its regulation, and explore possibilities and future fields of application for Smart Grids.

Interested individuals have till June 14, 2014, to register.

Additional Information about the Energy Management Day

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