Dream Production: Double Contribution to Climate Protection




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Minister of Science Svenja Schulze awarded honors and recognition to a collaboration between the Catalytic Center Aachen or CAT, RWTH Aachen, RWE Power AG, and Bayer AG.


The cooperative project, named Dream Production, researches possibilities for the application of carbon dioxide (CO2) as a natural resource for the production of plastics and foams. While RWE Power AG delivers separated, highly purified CO2 from power plants, CAT tests the carbon dioxide for its compatability with the necessary catalyst. Bayer AG then uses it as a raw material to build polyols, from which the plastic polyurethane is formed, and then tests it in various applications. RWTH scientists research fundamental aspects of catalyst systems and review the entire process for its efficiency and carbon dioxide-reduction potential. The use of crude oil is avoided during production and the waste product, CO2 is used as a highly valuable natural resources – a double contribution to climate protection.

The research efforts have been distinguished as a KlimaExpo.NRW project by the NRW Minister of Science, Svenja Schulze.

Source: Press and Public Relations