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EU research project SUnStAR begins at RWTH


RWTH Aachen is a partner SUnStAR – Supporting University Students at Risk of Dropping out, a project funded by the EU. During the 36-month funding period partners from Germany, Portugal, Serbia, and Greece will develop an easily accessible offer for students at the risk of dropping out. The aim is to reduce the drop out rate across Europe. The project contributes to the EU's objective to lead at least 40 percent of the younger generation to complete a degree in higher education.

The core of SUnStAR is an online self-reflection tool or SRT. The tool provides students with a structure to reflect on their experience and indentify possible risks that can lead to dropping out. If risk areas are identified, an online training platform serves as the first step to helping students. Informatino about suitable personal advising and support offers at the student's university round out the offer. "Universities need a comprehensive approach to appropriately address the various needs of the diverse students doubting their studies," explains professor Marold Woznitza, head of the Self Assessment Team at RWTH and partner in the SUnStAR project. Most universities already provide advising and support offers with varous focuses and skills. "SUnStAR wants to make it easier for universities to combine their offers and tailor them to students' specific problems based on the SRT," says Wosnitza.

In addition to RWTH the SUnStAR partners include the University of Applied Labour Studies of the Federal Employment Agency, HdBA; Instituto Universitário de Ciências Psicológicas, Sociais e da Vida, ISPA; University do Minho in Portugal; Aristotle University ofThessaloniki in Greece; the University of Belgrad in Serbia; and the German industry partner zab consult.

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