2022 Friedrich Wilhelm Award

Many people on a stage, some holding certificates in their hands Copyright: © Andreas Schmitter

17 outstanding graduates of RWTH Aachen University received the 2022 Friedrich Wilhelm Award.


The 2022 Friedrich Wilhelm Award was presented to nine students in recognition of their outstanding Master's theses and to eight doctoral candidates in recognition of their outstanding dissertations. RWTH Rector Ulrich Rüdiger handed over the certificates at a special ceremony. The 2022 Friedrich Wilhelm Award was presented to Dr.phil. Aida Alisic, Dr.-Ing. Jan Bielak, Dr.med. Julia Czech, Nadir Kopic-Osmanovic, M.Sc., Dr.-Ing. Mingshan Liu, Dr.med Catharina Maiers, Maxim Christian Maria Müllender, M.Sc., Dr.rer.pol. Lars Friedrich Nolting, Dominik Johannes Pridöhl, M.Sc., Lynn Reuter, M.Sc., Dr.rer.nat. Ruth Rittinghaus, Christina Schier, M.Sc., Laurids Schmitz, M.Sc., Annkathrin Sinning, M.Sc., Pit Steinbach, M.Sc., Dr.rer.nat. Paul Voigtlaender, and Louisa Wirtz, M.Sc.

Supporting Teaching and Research

The Friedrich Wilhelm Award is presented by the foundation of the same name, which was founded in 1865 by the predecessor of the current AachenerMünchener holding company. The key aim of the award is to promote research and teaching, as well as support students and scientists at RWTH. The name of the foundation refers to the Prussian crown prince and later Emperor Friedrich Wilhelm III. In 1858 he received a donation of 5,000 thalers from the Aachener und Münchener Feuerversicherungsgesellschaft in order to start a polytechnical institute in the Rhineland. This donation formed the foundation for the later-established Friedrich Wilhelm Foundation, which then created the basis for RWTH Aachen University.


RWTH Rector Ulrich Rüdiger presented the 2022 Friedrich Wilhelm Award to 17 outstanding graduates of RWTH Aachen University.