New Students Get to Know the City and the University


Next week, this year's first-year students will start their studies at RWTH Aachen. Many of them are new to the city, and most of them want to get to know their fellow students, the University, and the city of Aachen. In order to enable the best possible start to their studies, a team of student representatives and university employees have organized the orientation week, which has been taking place since 2011.   


On Monday, October 12, RWTH rector Ernst Schmachtenberg will welcome the about 7,000 new students at the Audimax lecture theater. Subsequently, small tutorial groups, which will embark on various activities during orientation week, will be formed and supervised by experienced student tutors.

City Rally on October 14

The city rally makes up the nucleus of the orientation week for new students, who are to explore the city of Aachen along a planned route. Solving taks and answering quiz questions along the route, the first-year students get to know the most important points of contact at RWTH Aachen as well as institutions and places of interest in the city.

Like last year, there will be a central event location on the Talbot parking lot behind the Main Building: Aside from game stations and food and beverage stands, there will be a large stage with a live program. In order not to cause noise issues for the residents, the stage is located on RWTH grounds and between RWTH buildings.

Deposit Collection Initiative Supports Refugee Project

Pleae note that glass bottles are not permitted on RWTH premises and during the city rally. A deposit collection initiative should motivate participants to collect one-way drinks packaging.The revenue will be donated to a refugee support project organized by Caritas.