Electric Mobility Lab Supports Automotive Supplier Industry


After a construction period of nine months, the Electric Mobility Ramp-Up Factory, eLab for short, has now been completed.


The new eLab has a focus on component development and prototype production for electrical powertrains, including battery cells, battery systems, power electronics, control elements, and electric motors.

The aim of the lab is to support the automotive supplier industry in their research and development activities on electric vehicle components and in their efforts to transform research results into marketable products.

The building has 3,600 square meters of floor space, divided into offices, a battery test bench (Battery Abuse Center), and a machine pool. More than 60 experts from science and industry will collaborate in the electric mobility lab.

In the eLab, scientists and industrial partners will conduct research on and further develop complex process chains, from technology development and testing through to the production of prototypes.

Professor Achim Kampker, Chair of Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components

RWTH Aachen Campus GmbH was commissioned with completing the building’s second construction stage. Prime contractor was the Aachen company Derichs u Konertz GmbH & Co KG.

The eLab construction received funding from the Federal State of NRW’s “Ziel 2” program and the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE).