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In September 2015, the Assembly of the United Nations published its resolution on Sustainable Development Goals. What do we need for a "Buen Vivir" or "good life"? What can we learn from this Latin American approach?


The panel discussion, initiated by the One World Forum Aachen in collaboration with those in the municipal, academic, and civil society sectors, will pose the question: How can we create not only an awareness of the ideals of sustainability and justice, but make people act upon them? How can we achieve political impact?

The panel discussion, which will include a participant discussion afterwards, will take place on Tuesday, October 27, 2015, at 6pm in the Ford Hall of the Super C, Templergraben 57.

This event is accompanied by the exibit "Post 2015" by Eine Welt Netz NRW e.V., which can be viewed from October 26 to November 11, 2015, in the foyer of Kármán Auditorium, Eilfschornsteinstr. 15.

The events are free of charge. Registration is not required.