Continued Funding for LeBiAC Teacher Training Project


In January 2019, the LeBiAC project will enter a second funding phase. It is concerned with enhancing teacher education and training at RWTH Aachen University.


The Federal Ministry of Education and Research has approved the University’s application for continued funding in the "Quality in Teacher Education" campaign. Over a five-year period, RWTH will receive 3.3 million euros to develop and implement strategies to enhance and raise the profile of teacher education and to better align it with the University’s profile.

Funding was renewed due to the successful work of the first phase of the project, which was launched in July 2015. Under the motto of “United by Our Difference – Teacher Education at RWTH,” the project has successfully implemented several new concepts to enhance the practical side of its teacher training programs and provide improved support of both students instructors in teacher education. Among other measures, a new professorship titled “Educational Science with a Focus on Heterogeneity” has been established to better prepare future teachers for the increasing diversity in schools.

The second phase of the project, starting in January 2019, will have a stronger focus on digital formats in teaching. This new emphasis is reflected in the project title “United in our Difference in an Digital World – Teacher Education at RWTH (LeBiAC).” The project will develop a whole set of measures revolving around the topic of “Teaching and Learning in a Digital World.”