Spin-off-Award 2019


RWTH Aachen honors seven spin-offs.


For the fourth time, RWTH Aachen University has presented spin-off companies with the "Spin-off Award," the only official award of its kind. With this award, the university's spin-offs can advertise their connection to RWTH and thus get a head start to achieving a successful launch. The winners were selected by a jury made up of members from RWTH Innovation, the University’s Entrepreneurship Center. The award ceremony will take place at the Aachen Technology and Entrepreneurship Conference (atec) on Monday, October 28, 2019. The awards will be presented by Professor Malte Brettel, RWTH vice-rector for Industry and Business Relations. The winners are Clinomic, CellEQ, Senseering, DroidDrive, Safion, EnergyCortex and Mindmotiv.

Clinomic GmbH

Clinomic GmbH works on innovative solutions for critically ill patients by combining translational medical research, data science and computational intelligence. The company brings artificial intelligence and data science to the bedside and develops medical algorithms based on state-of-the-art technology and artificial intelligence to help physicians and nurses make informed decisions and treat patients effectively while best managing their time.

CellEQ GmbH

CellEQ develops measuring instruments for the analysis of reactive plastics. The focus of the equipment is on realistically reproducing the processing, usage and manufacturing conditions of plastics down to the last detail. The company is tackling a major challenge in digitized production, simulation, process and material optimization: The usability and quality of the available data will be raised to a higher level. The sometimes necessary and quite typical simplifications in the analysis of plastic processes and materials can now be eliminated thanks to the novel technologies offered by CellEQ.

Senseering GmbH

Senseering GmbH allows customers to establish their own blockchain-based data monetization platform. This platform, known as DatenAtlas, is a data marketplace for the cross-industry, cross-purpose trading of data as well as the AI-based data services associated with it. It promises customers the power to harness and exploit their data thematically and financially while releasing undiscovered innovative power. Cross-silo data trading and subsequent aggregation create a digital value chain. Participating companies receive a corresponding monetary incentive for the release of data.

DroidDrive GmbH

Ducktrain takes inner-city transport logistics to a new level of efficiency. A Ducktrain is a group that is formed by any particular command object (leading vehicle or person) and one or more electrically powered light vehicles - called "Ducks" - which automatically follow the command object. Each Duck is equipped with sensors and the Ducktrain-Follow-Me software, which recognizes the object and virtually couples it to the Duck. This creates a train of light vehicles without a physical connection between the train parts. Ducktrain is electric, automated, flexible, extremely maneuverable and fits perfectly into urban spaces.

Safion GmbH

Safion GmbH uses innovative diagnostic methods based on electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and guided ultrasonic waves to develop powerful and safe battery systems that are cost-effective and durable. The company plans, produces and sells laboratory systems and embedded solutions for precise and complete diagnosis and prognosis of the condition of lithium-ion batteries and provides new insights into the electrochemical and mechanical-chemical phenomena of batteries.

EnergyCortex GmbH

EnergyCortex enables industrial customers and energy suppliers to control and optimize their sites and facilities using intelligent cloud solutions and supports the use of artificial intelligence and the digitization of energy processes. Combining data science methods and tools of operations research with technical and energy industry-specific methods of system analysis and energy management allows for precise representations of data that pave the way for marked improvements in energy efficiency and reduced emissions.

Mindmotiv GmbH

Mindmotiv offers its customers in the automotive, aerospace, and automation industries the world's first cloud solution for optimizing quality assurance in the development of modern embedded systems such as those used in autonomous driving. Thanks to a universally applicable signal processing technology, highly complex software development and test processes based on globally distributed resources and teams can be simplified, improved, and accelerated in the cloud. This results in a higher quality finished product while reducing not only development and quality assurance costs but also time to market.

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