MATSE Graduates Develop the Software of Tomorrow




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A total of 79 IT experts have now successfully completed their training at RWTH.


Mathematical-technical software developers – MATSE for short – are highly sought after in the IT world, not least due to recent trends and developments such as digitalization, Industry 4.0, and Big Data. They learn skills with a focus on mathematics, computer science, and programming. They can contribute their knowledge to web development, parallel programming, the simulation of technical processes, database development, data visualization, and statistical evaluations.

This year, the following graduates received their certificates of completion: Maher Albezem, Simon Andres, Muthia Putri Aulawiyah, Mika Elias Beele, Kaihan Behbahani, Jan-Niklas Belunjak, Sebastian Benthack, Jan Bierotte, Jan Biller, Christoph Bleyer, Alexander Bofinger, Lara Bone, Lars Bremen, Philip Chinta, Claudia Elisabeth Czerkowska, Patrick Dautzenberg, Tim Florian Donath, Sarah Geihs, Montserrat Graell Arribas, Tobias Heinen, Sebastian Hofmann, Liam Holdsworth, Christian Holländer, Tim Horst, Janina Jäger, Sascha Kerssemeekers, Alexander Kesler, Max Knappe, Christoph Kohl, Marvin Kopka, Julian Koska, Jonas Krupp, Lennart Küppers, Lukas Kurth, Jonas Lanz, Julian Lehmann, Mario Roland Leidel, Nina Löseke, Jannis Lüchtefeld, Yasar Daniel Manß, Patrick Meier, Jan Michels, Lucas Max Möller, Jan Müller, Jan Niemietz, Hanna Offermanns, Nina Pichler, Holger Piechulla, Lukas Poqué, Marcel Postel, Cay Jakob Rahn, Lennart Rickmann, Silas Rolfes, Julius Röttger, Henrik Schäfer, Iwan Schartner, David Schimmel, Filip Schlembach, Jonas Schrouff, Melvin Schulten, Jan Schultz, Friederike Schwager, Adrian Sondermann, Charlotte Sonst, Lea Stapper, Kathrin Sumin, Kai Telemann, Helmut Theil, Marie Thesing, Kasimir Timmers, Maks Tverdenko, Marius Vogel, Cevin Voigt, Alexander Tobias Vollmer, Daniel Walkenhaus, Felix Warschewski, Torben Weiß, David Weuffel, and Alexander Zibert.

The MATSE apprenticeship lasts three years and concludes with a final examination given by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry IHK. Apprentices simultaneously complete the dual Bachelor's course of study "Applied Mathematics and Computer Science," offered by FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences and the RWTH IT Center. Many students then continue on in a Master's course of study at RWTH or FH Aachen. Additionally, the University of Maastricht offers a specialization in the topics artificial intelligence and data science for decision making.