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The city has communicated a further change to the construction schedule of the Turmstraße Bridge. It is now not expected to be open to motor vehicles until the first quarter of 2024 and all other bridge users will now also have to wait a while longer than planned. Back in September, the bridge was expected to be open to cyclists and pedestrians at the end of this year. According to the city, the recent poor weather conditions meant that not all the necessary work to test the bridge deck could be carried out. "The weather has severely impaired progress," says Gisela Weiß. The sealing of the bridge deck could not yet be applied, as it must be dry. The subsequent work on the bridge deck and cantilevers has been further delayed, meaning that the planned opening of the bridge for pedestrians and cyclists will have to be postponed until 2024.



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Until the summer, everyone involved in the project was still confident that they could make up for the delay. However, this then became impossible, as the reinforcement and concreting of the cross girders was much more complex than planned. These cross girders serve to stabilize the deck and are essential components of the overall structure. As a result, the subsequent work on the bridge deck and the cantilevers is now officially delayed, according to those responsible at the City of Aachen.

The detour route currently for motorized traffic will remain in place until completion. The delay in completion has no relevant impact on the increased traffic resulting from the upcoming closure of the Haarbachtal Bridge (A544), according to the calculations of the Aachen-based BSV engineering agency.

Since May 2, 2022, Turmstraße has been closed between Professor-Pirlet-Straße and Claßenstraße in both directions of travel. RWTH is not involved in this construction project but is in close contact with the City of Aachen to keep these restrictions as low as possible and communicate them quickly and transparently.

The City of Aachen has created a web page with the latest updates on the construction project. Please note that the information is only available in German.

The City of Aachen has also created the following email address for questions before and during the construction work: .

You can also find questions and answers about the construction project on our FAQ webpage.