School Students Learn to Teach




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The MILeNa program, which promotes the teaching profession among young people in the STEM subjects mathematics, computer science, and natural sciences, makes it possible for students to take on the role of teacher and practice classroom situations.


The MILeNa program was initiated by the MINT-EC association in Berlin, in collaboration with a number of German universities, including RWTH Aachen, which supports it as part of the “Teacher Training Quality Campaign”.

The program has been launched as part of an ongoing initiative to recruit more high-quality teachers in these subjects in the future. School students who participate in the two-year program attend six workshops at universities and benefit from several other activities.

About 80 school students from all over Germany are expected to participate in the kick-off event for the third cohort of MILeNa students, scheduled to take place on September 25 in the Ford Hall at RWTH Aachen University.

Participating schools in the region, whose students will attend workshops at RWTH Aachen as part of the program, include the Einhard Gymnasium, Aachen, and Gymnasium Haus Overbach, Jülich.