Interdisciplinary Perspectives in History: Making, Transgressing and Shifting Boundaries


The teaching and research area Didactics of History is hosting the Biennial Conference of the German Society for History Didactics in Aachen. The conference will take place from September 23 to 25, 2015, at RWTH.


Under the topic "History in Interdisciplinary Discourse" national and international experts will look outside of the box of their own discipline while in Aachen. This fits with the conference's subtitle "Making, Transgressing and Shifting Boundaries.“

Focus will be placed on topics such as historical dimensions in the didactics of cultural science subjects; transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary, historical learning and teaching; and border shifts and spatial references of historical importance.

Nikola Forwergk and Dr. Wolfgang Moschek from TU Darmstadt will address transdisciplinary school lessons in their talk "Gewagte Experimente. Interdisziplinäre Projekte in der universitären Lehramtsausbildung (Geschichte und MINT) in der Reflexion."

Source: Press and Communications