RWTH Honors Those Celebrating Their Doctoral Anniversary


110 alumni who earned their doctorates at RWTH 25 or 50 years ago accepted Rector Professor Ulrich Rüdiger's invitation to Aachen.

  Doktorjubilare Copyright: © Kurt Beyer RWTH Doctoral Anniversary Celebrants 2022

Doctoral anniversary celebrant Dr. Dorothee Bonnenberg was received with vigorous applause when she was invited onto the stage of the auditorium of the RWTH main building by Professor Bernd Markert, RWTH Rector's Representative for Alumni and host of the doctoral anniversary celebration. Dorothee Bonnenberg was the first woman to earn a doctorate in electrical engineering at RWTH in 1970 and she accepted her renewal certificate for her golden doctoral anniversary from RWTH Rector Professor Ulrich Rüdiger.

It was one of the particularly emotional moments characteristic of the doctoral anniversary celebration. About 110 doctoral anniversary celebrants, 27 of whom were gold celebrants, accepted the Rector's invitation to Aachen. In addition to reminiscing and looking back, the Rector took advantage of the opportunity to introduce the guests to today's University and to point out perspectives for the future of RWTH.