Mandatory Courses for Academic Leaders

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Dagmar Grübler

Program Coordinator


+49 241 80-99120



In order to support you as an RWTH executive right from the beginning of your management role, you will participate in a mandatory leadership development training at the Center for Professional Leadership (CPL). The obligation to participate applies to employees who are supervisors for at least two research or graduate assistants.

Doctoral Candidates in Management Roles

In their first year in this position, doctoral candidates with leadership responsibilities complete the workshop Leading Teams and Working Groups at RWTH.


Within the first two years in their leadership role, postdoctoal researechers participate in the Leading at RWTH workshop.

Research Managers in Permanent Positions

Research managers in permanent positions are expected to complete the Certificate of Leadership for non-professorial academic staff or the RWTH Leadership Certificate for University Professors for (tenure-track) professors.

Newly Appointed Professors

Newly appointed professors are acquainted with important information on RWTH’s leadership principles at the Welcome Workshop. The also participate in a conversation management workshop offered by the Center for Professional Leadership.

Of course, these offerings are not only open to new executives, but can also be attended by experienced leaders on request.