Interdisciplinary Professionalization at the Center for Professional Leadership

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Dagmar Grübler

Program Coordinator


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As a professor at RWTH, you manage diverse and complex tasks in research and teaching, knowledge transfer, staff management, and strategic organizational development. Your core tasks include, in particular, to manage change processes and support early-career researchers in their career planning and development.

At the Center for Professional Leadership, we support you in performing these challenging leadership and management responsibilities. Through our consulting, coaching and workshop offerings, we offer you opportunities for individual skills development and peer networking.


Onboarding for New Professors

Newly appointed professors have the daunting task of finding their way at RWTH, internalizing rights and responsibilities, implementing a teaching and funding strategy, and developing a team. Benefit from our networking events and get to know both new and existing colleagues at RWTH. We also bring you together with contacts and multipliers from outside academia.


Continuing Education and Coaching

We offer you an extensive and diverse range of workshops, coachings, and advisory services. This gives you the opportunity to gain additional qualifications and expand your competencies in your role as university executives, chairholders, and heads of institute.


Further important information for Professors

Professional Teaching for New Professors at RWTH

The Prof.essional Teaching (de) program supports you as a new professor to make your teaching more professional. If you would like to improve an existing concept or establish a new one, you can benefit from further training opportunities, coaching for teaching and learning, course evaluations, and networking opportunities.

Junior Professors at RWTH

As a junior professor, you can benefit from the offerings of the CPL for middle managers, Advanced Talents Hub and the Postdoc Academy.

Tenure-Track Professorships

If you have any questions about tenure-track professorships at RWTH, please get in touch with the Appointment Management Team at Division 8.5.

Leadership at RWTH

For information on RWTH's leadership principles and a guideline for those in leadership roles, please refer to our Leadership at RWTH web page.

Equal Opportunities and Family-Friendly University

With its wide range of advising and support programs, the Equal Opportunities Office and the IGaD staff unit assists RWTH members with achieving balance in their work, family, and personal lives

Research Funding and Management of Third-Party Funds

The team of Division 4.2  Management of Third Party Funds supports you with applying for funding and managing your external funds. The team also assists you in finding the right funding body, writing your proposal, the drafting of contracts, and securing audit-proof project administration.

Gender Consulting for Research Proposals

Applicants and grantholders from RWTH benefit from advising and other services of the Gender & Diversity Consulting team during the proposal writing process and the review process of research projects. Support is available at all times during the research project and for follow-up applications.