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Key Competencies for Employees

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Gabriele Wondafrash

Continuing Education Officer


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The Center for Staff Development, CSD for short, is a significant pillar of staff development at RWTH and the central point of contact, advice, and continuing education for acquiring key competencies. The Center is open to all RWTH employees in science, science management, technology and administration.

Our working world is dynamic, flexible, and ever-changing. When it comes to lifelong learning, we are facing the challenge of needing to continuously develop our competencies. We are always available to help you reflect on career issues and potential continuing education measures on equal footing.

With our wide range of open and free continuing education seminars per year, we cover a whole variety of different needs from specialist topics (e.g., handicraft, technical, legal knowledge) to interdisciplinary topics (e.g., communication, stress and self-management, language skills).

We also offer certificate courses and structured advanced training courses, for which we will be happy to advise you personally. If you need a customized training program for your team or would like to initiate team development measures, we will also support you with the concept, methodology, and content of said measures.

Employees in leadership roles can send an to the Center for Staff Development to inquire about individual coaching sessions and further information if necessary. In addition, we also offer information and support in the form of continuing education offers for staff at RWTH.


* This program is targeted at postdocs and non-professorial academic staff. Offers for doctoral candidates and professors are available at the Doctoral Academy and the Center for Professional Leadership (CPL), respectively. Postdocs in the qualification phase can also benefit from the Postdoc Academy offers.


Good to Know

Successful Research Needs Professional Management

The RWTH Research Manager Certificate Course develops contemporary professional skills in research and third-party funding management, technology transfer, marketing, and research collaborations, and personal development.

Earn Qualifications to Get Ahead in Your Career

The CSD offers advanced training courses for technical and administrative employees. We would be happy to provide you with information on the H2 Qualification Course for Modern University Administration and the IT2 Advanced Training Course for Employees in the IT Sector.

External Offers for Continuing Education Offers for RWTH Staff

In addition to the wide range of services we offer at the CSD, other external providers are available to help you develop your key competencies:

Further exclusive opportunities for continuing education are available at the Center for Science Management Speyer ZWM and the Center for Higher Education CHE.

Please feel free to to discuss the possibilities of pursuing a continuing education program.


Further Offers at RWTH

Equal opportunities and Family-Friendly University

In addition to the Equal Opportunities Office, IGaD also provides advice and support to help you balance family life with your studies, research, or career.

Occupational social counseling

Our In-House Social and Psychosocial Counseling Center for Employees offers supervision, coaching, and consulting for managers, change management, team coaching, and team development measures as well as health care and prevention.

Research funding

In addition to the External Funding Portal, the Division 4.2 – Management of Third-Party Funds Team offers you personal support in the acquisition, quality assurance, and central administration of external funding – from the idea to the management of large-scale projects.

Health management at RWTH – promoting health and well-being

RWTH's Health Management Team emphasizes a strong focus on employee health, bolstered by their comprehensive range of services.

Supporting young academics

The Center for Young Academics, CYA for short, is the central point of contact for information, career development, and networking for doctoral candidates, postdocs, and Advanced Talents at RWTH. Here, young academics receive detailed advice and close guidance at all career stages.