Human Resources

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The Department of Human Resources belongs to the Central University Administration and supervises university employees in five divisions. 



+49 241 80 94007



Human Resources Management at Our University

Universities are finding themselves in a time of change. Deregulation, competition, and internationalization are only a few aspects of this change. This change, of course, has an impact on those people, who are organizing this change with RWTH - the staff.

It wouldn't be possible to successfully implement change, if the staff weren't included. For employees, this change means paying closer attention to overarching development, more complex responsibilities, greater flexiblity when completing tasks, and cost conscious behavior, just to name a few challenges.

Staff are expected to be interested in overarching RWTH topics relevant to their field and to independently educate themselves further, in order to fulfill the change in demands.


Our Responsibilities

  1. Basic questions falling under human resources
  2. Management, organization, and coordiation of the divisions
  3. Contact person and advising in human resources affairs for university management, university institutions, and other university components
  4. Contact person for the staff council, equal opportunity officer, disabilities officer, and representative council for groups
  5. Representation of department management in personnel and public administration affairs
  6. Representative of the Employer for Disability Affairs
  7. Advice for employees who have fallen ill in the context of an employer’s obligation to care for the welfare of their employees (Operational Integration Management - BEM)
  8. Advice on the health and well-being of university members (Operational Health Management - BGM)

Top Priority: Optimal Management and Support of Personnel

The Department of Human Resources is the contact for all university institutions to answer questions about personnel management. It is also the contact for the staff, available to answer any question regarding one's position or employment.



The Department of Human Resources' goal is to constructively work together with the staff councils, the equal opportunities officer, and the representative for the disabled. It offers solutions that ideally will be accepted by all those involved.

Through understandable information and advising and appropriate handling of individual cases, the division wishes to do its part so that the Central University Administration is successful in its work. It also wishes to provide a foundation for university institutions to be able to optimally fulfill their research and teaching.



Name Contact
Rene Luchte
Telephone: +49 241 80-94012
Abteilungsleiter / stellv. Dezernent
Jan Förster
Telephone: +49 241 80-94127
Bettina HompeschTelephone: +49 241 80-94007

Stabsstelle Personaldezernat
Christina GörtzTelephone: +49 241 80-92436

Christina FörsterTelephone: +49 241 80-98420

Koordinationsstelle Betriebliches Eingliederungsmanagement (BEM)
Susanne Brütting-Behrens
Telephone: +49 241 80-90436