AVV Job Ticket


RWTH has been offering its employees the AVV Job Ticket since 2011. AVV Job Tickets are discounted transit passes for employees at companies or institutions. The Job Ticket aims to make using public transportation more attractive and reduce the use of personal vehicles.



The Job Ticket contract with ASEAG and AVV has been extended until April 30, 2024. Below you can find information on the online application process.

  eTicket in a hand © RWTH Aachen

Who can acquire an AVV Job Ticket?

Basically all public servants, employees, and apprentices of RWTH may acquire an AVV Job Ticket.

Except for the following individuals:

  • Student and enrolled scientific assistants
  • Employees who are simultaneously enrolled and are allowed to use a Semester Ticket
  • Disabled individuals with a valid pass who have a token for free rides on public transportation
  • Public servants on parental leave except those who are still working with fewer hours during the legal period before the parental leave starts
  • Employees on maternity leave
  • Public servants who are suspended or on sabbatical without pay
  • Chronically sick RWTH employees who are receiving benefits from the Job Center and those in partial retirement who are no longer employed at RWTH
  • Part-time employees in accordance with Section 8, Para 1, 1 of the Social Code IV – so-called "450-euro jobs" or those whose working hours amount to under half the monthly collectively agreed or standard company working time
  • Visiting researchers, private lecturers, unbudgeted professors, and contract lecturers, if they do not have any other employment status or relationship with RWTH that authorizes them to acquire a Job Ticket, for example, wissenschaftliche Beamte or academic staff
  • Medical personnel, who work as part of the University Medical Center, specifically those who fall under Section 2 Paragraph 4 of the Cooperative Agreement between RWTH and Uniklinik RWTH Aachen from August 26, 2004

Areas of Validity

The Job Ticket is valid in the second class of all of the buses and trains in the Aachener Verkehrsverbund, AVV for short. Outside the city of Aachen, the AVV encompasses the Aachen city region, the districts of Düren and Heinsberg, and many neighboring communities in the VRS area.

You can also go to neighboring counties with your Job Ticket on certain bus lines. An overview is available in the document AVV Areas of Validity.

Travel Times

You can use your ticket around the clock and during your free time. The ticket can be used as a family and group ticket during the week starting at 7pm and on the weekend and on federal holidays. On these days, an additional adult and up to three children under 15 years of age can travel with you free of charge. This does not apply to the AVV Job Ticket for apprentices.


Supplemental Tickets

The area of validity of the AVV Job Ticket can be expanded upon request:

  • As a monthly subscription for bus rides that cross border areas in the three-country point

The price for the supplemental ticket is determined by the participating transportation associations.

Area of Validity of the AVV Job Ticket and Supplemental Options



Job ticket holdes can purchase so-called EinfachWeiterTickets (de) for individual rides into a neighboring Verkehrsverbund – a region outside the area of validity of the job ticket.




Please use the online form below to apply for a Job Ticket and/or parking permit.

You will need your TIM ID and password. After completing the application, the Job Ticket and/or parking permit will be sent to your personal address.


Online Application and Security Information

Your data is safely transferred through a https connection. However use of the form and entering personal information, such as account information, in an unsecured environment such as internet cafés, cell phones, or public wifi is subject to security risks.

The individual submitting the application assumes responsibility for these risks.

We recommend using a RWTH Aachen VPN or a computer in the RWTH Aachen network.



You can express concerns and criticisms regarding bus traffic in a concrete manner via . Your feedback is handed over to the administration and is then given to the AVV/ASEAG anonymously.