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The German-American start-up HoloBuilder is revolutionizing progress documentation on construction sites and the administration of construction processes with its software. Construction sites are now digitalized, processes, and organized with the help of 360° cameras and can be managed by all those involved just by pressing a button, regardless where they are.

This success story began with the foundation of bitstars GmbH in 2014 with an EXIST entrepreneurial scholarship as a spin-off from RWTH Aachen University. In 2015 the founders received funding from the German Accelerator program. This allowed them to establish an office in Palo Alto, California, in addition to their office in Aachen.

The funding program ended but bitstars remained. Under the name HoloBuilder Incorporated they opened their own branch as the parent company in Silicon Valley at the beginning of 2016. Based on the success in the American market their headquarters are now located there, whereby the entire research and development work continue to take place in Aachen. Since then the company has been called "bitstars - A HoloBuilder company."

bitstars and its HoloBuilder are no longer a blank page internationally. In 2015 they won the top award at the "RICOH THETA Developers Contest“ in Japan, for the innovation power behind the function linking 360-degree pictures with 3D objects on its HoloBuilder web platform. In April 2016 HoloBuilder was named Cool Vender in Digitalization Through Industry 4.0 by Gartner Inc, the American leader in market research. Its success continues. In the year following the establishmnent of HoloBuilder Inc. they received an investment of 2.25 million US dollars at the beginning of 2017. Additionally, HoloBuilder recently won the Constructech 2017 Top Product Award, yet another sign that the young business is on the right path. The company is already a market leader in the field of cloud and mobile solutions for the digitalization of construction sites.


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