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Childcare During Events

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On request, the Family Services Center of the Equal Opportunities Office organizes additional childcare during University events as a special service for institutes, central institutions, and other RWTH Aachen institutions. This includes events that take place regularly as well as those that do not, such as conferences, symposia, workshops, or award ceremonies. We can also organize childcare for online events.

In this way, we would like to make it possible for parents to participate in events that they would otherwise not be able to attend due to their family commitments.


If childcare is desired for an (online) event, please send an e-mail to the Family Services Center as the organizing institution at least four weeks before the event or call +49 241 80 93579.

Here's how event care works:

  • The organizing institution contacts the Family Services Center of the Equal Opportunities Office at least four weeks before the event.
  • Together, we will ascertain where childcare is to take place during the event, who will bear the costs of childcare and what other details need to be taken into account. As a rule, the costs of event childcare are to be borne by the organizing institution. For events organized by the Central University Administration, the Family Service Center may be able to cover the costs under certain circumstances. In principle, no costs are charged for the organization of event support by the Family Services Center. This is a service provided by RWTH.
  • The Family Service Center takes over the registration procedure with the parents and ascertains the details of the care.
  • Event care takes place in the parent-child room, Templergraben 64, or in other suitable premises in the immediate vicinity of the event. In the case of online events, childcare may exceptionally take place in the child's home for reasons of infection control.
  • If no suitable premises are available within the University free of charge, the organizing institution shall bear the costs of renting and using suitable premises.
  • Child- and age-appropriate equipment for the premises can be borrowed free of charge from the Family Services Center.
  • Childcare during the event will be provided by babysitters from the Family Services Center index. They all have experience in childcare.
  • In the case of all-day childcare without a lunch break, the organizing institution, in coordination with the Family Services Center, will provide food and drink for the children and childcare staff.

Contact the Family Services Center well in advance to clarify all the details of event care.


Babysitting Network

Are you looking for a babysitter who can look after your child for a few hours or on a more regular basis?

If you are an RWTH employee or a parent studying at the University looking for a private carer for your children, you can use the Family Services Center’s babysitting network. You can find babysitters to look after children of all ages during the week or on the weekend.

You can send a request to our large network of experienced babysitters via our babysitting mailing list.

If you have any queries about this network, we will be happy to provide you with further details over the phone or in person. We can also give you information on insurance coverage, supervision responsibilities, and salary suggestions for private childcare.

Students with a child (or children) may apply to the Family Services Center for a grant to cover expenses related to hourly childcare.


Short-term Childcare at UKA

Kinderland Child Care Center

The Kinderland child care facility at Uniklinik RWTH Aachen can be found in the entrance hall, opposite the information desk. The service is targeted at all employees and students of UKA as well as visitors. It is not necessary to register in advance. Children aged 1 to 10 can be looked after here Monday through Friday between 1 and 8 pm; on weekends and on holidays between 1:30 and 6pm for up to three hours. The child care service is free of charge.

Due to the pandemic situation, please inquire in advance at the of RWTH Aachen University Hospital about the currently applicable regulations and opening hours.