LIN Yuping

  LIN Yuping Copyright: © RWTH Aachen

Master student at Tsinghua University Dept. of Industrial Engineering


Professor Thomas Kittsteiner, RWTH Aachen University Dept. of Economics (Microeconomics)

Research Stay:

April to September 2014

Research Field:

Ms. Lin is working on game theory. For her Master´s thesis she focuses on team reasoning in making decisions and explores the probability of people choose team interest rather than self interest in different pay-off structures. This research can be applied on how to allocate the wealth in an economic society so as to improve people´s probability to choose team reasoning and thus increase the total social welfare.

My supervisor, Professor Kittsteiner, discussed patiently with me every new problem. Then we explored solutions together. I really appreciate his time and support. I found research was an interesting and pleasant thing during my research stay in RWTH Aachen University. Although the exchange period has ended, the research continues. Professor Kittsteiner and I still keep contact about the latest research progress.

Lin Yuping