Peer-to-Peer Project - Training, Consulting, Supervision


Students who engage in work for other students, that is, who carry out an activity in a peer-to-peer setting, perform a demanding and often emotionally stressful activity. In their peer counseling, they are confronted with the stresses, emotional problems, and difficult life situations of those seeking advice. Therefore, sufficient qualification and support of the peer counselors is particularly important. The peer-to-peer project includes various offers for students for qualification and support. The offer includes an open telephone consultation hour, various workshops on different topics and the possibility of supervision.

We offer the following online workshops:

  • Basics of Conversation Leadership for Students in the Field of Counseling 
    In this two-part workshop, the basics of communication and conversation management will be developed together with the participants. Theoretical aspects as well as practical exercises will be used. Using examples and practical exercises, various techniques can be tried out by the students in the workshop.
  • Counseling System at RWTH
    In this workshop, students can deepen their knowledge of different counseling services at RWTH in order to be able to refer others seeking advice to further contact persons in a targeted manner. In particular, the referral practice at RWTH institutions will be practiced with the aid of practical examples.
  • Communication for Students in University Committees
    This workshop will initially cover the basics of negotiation before putting this knowledge into practice through practical exercises.

Telephone Consultation

For any urgent difficulties, problems or anything that's unclear on the part of the peer counselors, there is the open telephone consultation session which they can use to obtain professional support for their counseling concerns.

The open telephone consultation session is offered on Mondays from 11:30am to 12:30pm. You can reach it by calling +49 241 80 94049.


In addition, supervision is provided for students in peer-to-peer counseling. The supervision is intended to support the students in their work and to promote the peer counselors' own health and psychohygiene. During the supervision, there is the possibility to talk about stressful counseling situations, so that the counselors do not take these situations into their private life.

If you are interested in this, send an  to Dr. Drüke.

The date and time for this will be announced here.