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Local Psychotherapist Directory Phone Number

Terminservicestelle (TSS) der KV Nordrhein

Initial consultation for outpatient psychotherapy. Psychotherapy clinic for individuals with statutory health insurance.

Psychologie und Gesundheit
Augustastr. 49
52070 Aachen

+49 241 505356

Psychotherapeutenkammer NRW

  • Contact information for psychotherapists with outpatient services can be found under "Psychotherapeutensuche" (looking for a therapist)
  • Note the following options for the option "Zulassung" (admission):
    • „zur vertragspsychotherapeutischen Versorgung“ is equivalent to statutory health insurance.
    • „nicht zur vertragspsychotherapeutischen Versorgung zugelassen“ is equivalent to private insurance.
+49 211 5228470
Advising Offices Phone Number
Catholic Advising Center for Questions Affecting Couples, Families, Life, and Belief within the Aachen Diocese
Minoritenstr. 3
52062 Aachen
+49 241 20085
Protestant Advising Office for Questions Affecting Couples, Families and Life, and Pregnancy Conflict Counseling
Frère-Roger-Straße 6
52062 Aachen

+49 241 32047

Addiction Counseling Phone Number
Suchthilfe Aachen
Addiction counseling and therapy for alcohol, medication, gaming, and online addictions, and eating disorders
Hermannstr. 14
52062 Aachen
+49 241 41356 128
Suchthilfe Aachen
Youth and drug counseling
Herzogstr. 4
52070 Aachen
+49 241 980920