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Students With Mental Health Issues


Why are we doing this?

In recent years, the proportion of people seeking advice for a manifested psychological disorder in the Psychological Counseling Service of the Central Student Advisory Service at RWTH Aachen University has increased significantly.

Currently, well over one third of those seeking advice have indications that they are suffering from a mental illness that requires treatment. At the same time, little is often known about the manifestations of individual clinical conditions and about support options. Both those affected and those around them react with uncertainty and are confronted with many unanswered questions.

In psychological counseling, it is therefore a particular concern of ours to provide information about mental illnesses among students. To this end, we focus on one condition in each academic year.

Topic of the academic year 2022/2023:


Depression / Stress / Burnout

Listless, in a bad mood, not quite as efficient as before – everything takes longer, everything seems to be more strenuous... and often I can't concentrate. Everything seems to be too much. Even everyday tasks are too much. – What is happening to me?

All of the above symptoms can occur as part of stress or depression, or they can be signs of burnout. Specific diagnostic knowledge is required in order to be able to assess which psychodynamics are hidden behind the symptoms in each case. Even if the appearance can be similar - depression, stress and burnout are not synonyms, but rather independent conditions whose genesis, phenomenology and course are different.

This year, the individual symptoms of depression, stress, and burnout will be presented to you in more detail in various formats.

On the following pages, the Psychological Counseling Service has compiled general information, tips for those affected and their relatives, contact points and other sources of information for you on the individual conditions:


Overview of events

In cooperation with Student Health Management, the Psychological Counseling Service is going to hold a variety of different events for you; these offer you the opportunity to learn more about the individual conditions:


Further Events

Title of Event Date
Autorenlesung und Diskussionsrunde zum Thema "Depression" (in German only)12/06/2023

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