Online Orientation Aids


There are numerous online offers to help orient you with decisions regarding studies. To benefit from these tools, it does not matter whether you are

  • already an enrolled student and wanting to change your course of study
  • currently completing a gap year
  • searching for a Master's course of study that fits your Bachelor's

Below you can find research tools as well as links to information portals, assessement tests, and tests focusing on your interests.

What can I study and where in Germany?

On the following websites you can find all the courses of study offered in Germany. You can filter and search through the database for your desired subject area, specific courses of study, federal state, start of studies, and more. Aside from the information about the courses of study and universities, you can read more on the universities' own websites.

What course of study is right for me?

Aptitude and interest tests can help you to become aware of your personal interests. Use your results and discuss them with an academic advisor in the Student Advice Centre. If you are already certain that you are interested in a certain field that is not offered at RWTH Aachen, we recommend contacting the academic advising or student advice center at a more suitable university.

What can I do with my subject specific skills?

If you would like to review your interest or skills in a specific field of study, other tests are available. They offer you subject specific tasks, that show you how easy or difficult it may be for you to work with these topics. You can find a suitable field of study with the RWTH Aachen Self Assessments. The "Subject Specific Self Assessments" offer you concrete questions and tasks for fields of study offered at RWTH Aachen. Other universities also offer you tests - such as for subjects that are not represented at RWTH Aachen.


In addition to the tests offered online, there are tests you can complete at the Federal Employment Agency and discuss there. You can register by calling +49 800 4 5555 00.