Answers to frequently asked questions

I am planning to change my course of studies - how do I proceed formally?

Do you intend to change your course of studies within RWTH as of the next possible semester?

Please apply by the deadline for the first semester or, depending on your personal situation (related courses with possible credit transfer), for a higher semester.

Please note that you must apply for all undergraduate degree programs, even those without admission criteria. Binding information on admission is available in the RWTH Info on admission for the first semester and RWTH Info on admission for a higher semester.
After receiving an admission, a change of enrollment is possible directly in your RWTHonline portal.

Please note that if you are successfully admitted, you can only be enrolled in a higher semester if the faculty has given you a classification.
For possible placement and recognition issues, for example for placement in a higher semester, please contact the departmental student advisor of the receiving program.
Please note that the Student Advice Centre cannot and may not answer placement or recognition questions.
The complete administrative procedure for a change of subject to a first semester can be found in our Change of Subject Checklist.

How does the admission to a Master's program at RWTH work?

After completing a Bachelor's degree, you can continue on to a Master's degree program at RWTH - provided that your prior education is sufficient. Keep in mind that you must apply for all advanced degree programs, including those that are free of admission criteria. Important information on the application procedure for the Master's program can be found here:

If you have questions about the different routes in the Master's program, the relevant departmental advisors can help you.

If you have any questions regarding previous education, such as the recognition of credits from your Bachelor's degree, please contact the relevant student advisor directly - the Student Advice Centre cannot make any binding statements in this regard.

Which consultation format with the Student Advice Team is right for me?

The student advice team offers an open consultation session via Zoom which you do not have to register for. This open consultation session is primarily suitable for short queries of around 20 minutes, for example to discuss the formalities of a change of subject.

You can make a fixed appointment for a counseling session if you have a issue that requires more time, such as finding a completely new course or having a profile-building conversation.
We ask you to use our appointment request form for students if you wish to make a fixed appointment.

Do I need the Student Advice Centre or the Departmental Advisory Service? What is the difference?

The student advice team at the Student Advice Centre advises students on questions regarding their studies, provides assistance when entering their program, gives interdisciplinary information, and assists with decision-making and reorientation in the event of a change of program, and it also helps with general study organization and planning.

Departmental advisors, on the other hand, advise specifically on a particular course of study and answer detailed questions. Their task is to advise students on the content of their studies, on their personal study process and on questions relating to examination law. If students want to change their degree program, they can provide information on which credits from another degree program may be eligible. You can find the student advisor for your degree program here:

Departmental advisors

I am having doubts about my studies. I need help. What can I do?

Doubts in and around studies can arise from different motives. Depending on the initial situation, various solutions are conceivable and effective. If you would like or need clarification for yourself, please take a look at the section on doubts about your studies. There we have described different situations and provided links to further help options.

Furthermore, we have compiled some resources for you under online help for reorientation that might help you to find a new direction.

You are also welcome to attend our lectures or workshops on reorientation.

If you would like to have an impartial and open-ended consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Social questions about studying - where can I find help?

The Student Counseling team is also happy to advise you on social issues related to your studies.
In case of learning difficulties and psychological problems, the psychological counseling team will help you. They offer individual consultations as well as various study training courses.

The AStA students' committee of RWTH takes care of many other fields: student financing, housing, studying with disabilities and chronic illness, studying with children, etc. In addition, the AStA has a legal advice center for students.

In addition, you will find all the RWTH institutions that can help you in special study situations bundled together on the advice and help page.