Relaxation Room


Downtime between two lectures, a quiet workstation, and a place to store personal belongings – the relaxation room is a place for for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses at RWTH to rest from busy university life.

Who can use the relaxation room?

If you study at RWTH and have a disability or a chronic illness, you can use the relaxation room. Their assistants and orientation guides may also use the room. Students need access authorization to use this room. You can get this and the key to the relaxation room (after paying a deposit) from the Disability Support Officers.


Where is the relaxation room?

The relaxation room is on the ground floor of Library 2, Building 1160 on Templergraben 59, 52062 Aachen and is in room number 24. The entrance is at the back of the building. You can easily access the room via the path adjacent to the library forecourt or via Marienbongardstraße. There is also an entrance on Wullnerstraße, but this is only accessible by a set of stairs.

You can call the relaxation room at +49 241 80 94351. Only calls within RWTH can be made with this phone.


What does the relaxation room have to offer?

  • many desks, one of which you can electrically adjust the height of
  • a workstation with a computer and many plug sockets
  • a refrigerator, in which you could keep medications, for example
  • a cozy seating area with a couch and armchair
  • an emergency telephone, with which you can contact Campus Security
  • lockers, in which you can store your personal belongings
  • a microwave to warm up special food or thermal cushions
  • kettle (for tea or hot-water bottles)
  • sink with soap and disinfectants

Where are there other relaxation rooms at RWTH?

There is also a relaxation room available at Uniklinik RWTH Aachen,Pauwelsstraße 30. Room A 013 in the Aixtron Gebäude, Kackertstraße 15, can also be used as a work and relaxation room.


How do I get access to the relaxation rooms?

You can get a permit to access and use the relaxation rooms on Templergraben and Uniklinik RWTH Aachen from the Advising Team for Students with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses.