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One Key, Many Possibilities

Numerous handicap bathrooms at RWTH Aachen alread have it, others are getting it soon: the Euro lock. This can be opened with the "Euro key". For a fee, the Club Behinderter und ihrer Freunde Darmstadt und Umgebung e.V. (CBF Darmstadt) will issue the Euro key.

The key with a particular locking cylinder provides people with disabilities with access to many public handicap bathrooms in Germany and Europe, for example in high rest stops, train stations, or in city centers - and even at RWTH Aachen.

You can order a Euro key online. To prove that you have the right to a key, provide a copy of your disability identification card. You can acquire the Euro key for a fee. Additionally, there is a guide to the location of handicap bathrooms with Euro locks.


Euro Key for Employees

RWTH Aachen has over Euro keys available for disabled employees to use. Additionally, these keys are available to parents, who would like to use the changing tables in the handicapped restrooms. The RWTH Aachen Concerns for Individuals with Disabilities is in charge of the Euro keys. Please make note of their information regarding use and administration of the Euro keys.


Euro Key

Individuals with disability degrees of at least 70 and the "G" attribute in their disability identification card will receive the Euro key no matter what.  A key can also be obtained by submitting the marks aG, B, H, or BL, regardless of the disability degree.


Who gets the Euro key?

  • Individuals with a severe walking impairment
  • Wheelchair users
  • Individuals with stomas
  • Blind individuals
  • Individuals with a severe disability requiring assistance
  • Individuals with multiple sclerosis
  • Individuals with Crohn's disease
  • Individuals with ulcerative colitis
  • Individuals suffering from chronic bladder or intenstinal issues

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