Guided Relaxation Clips


We will guide you on how to reach a deeply relaxed state in several short clips.


The clips are licensed under a CC-BY-NC-ND license.


We are currently working on an English version of the clips.




In this video, Dipl.-Psych. Annika Gehlen gives you an overview of various relaxation methods and explains how they work.


Breathing Exercise: Hand on Your Stomach


Eda Körner-Tezer, M.Sc.-Psych. shows you a short breathing exercise that you can easily do during a short break right at your desk.


Autogenic Training – Introduction


Dipl.-Psych. Van Tien Tran introduces you to autogenic training in this video.

You can find the corresponding audio file below and use it to do autogenic training on your own.


Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) – Introduction


In this video, Eda Körner-Tezer, M.Sc.-Psych. introduces you to progressive muscle relaxation, PMR for short.

You can use the accompanying audio file further down on this page to do PMR on your own.


Audio Clips on Relaxation

  • Currently playing: Breathwork: inhaling and exhaling

    Eda Körner-Tezer, M.Sc.-Psych. presents the calming effects of proper breathing.

  • Play Audio: Breathwork and Thanking Your Lungs

    Dipl.-Psych. Van Tien Tran will guide you on how to promote your self-awareness and own body awareness through conscious breathing.

  • Play Audio: Awareness of Feelings

    In this audio file, Dipl. Psych. Sabine Salentin introduces you to an exercise that helps you to consciously become aware of your own feelings.

  • Play Audio: Calming Racing Thoughts

    Dipl.-Psych. Van Tien Tran describes how you can calm down when your head is full of racing thoughts.

  • Play Audio: Autogenic Training

    Dipl.-Psych. Van Tien Tran introduces you to autogenic training in this clip.

  • Play Audio: Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)

    Eda Körner-Tezer, M.Sc.-Psych. guides you through progressive muscle relaxation, PMR for short.

  • Play Audio: Five-Senses Exercise

    Eda Körner-Tezer, M.Sc.-Psych. will show you a mindfulness exercise you can use to stay present in the here and now.

  • Play Audio: Body Scan

    Dipl.-Psych. Sabine Salentin presents a mindfulness exercise that helps you be more aware of your body.

  • Play Audio: Visualization (Beach)

    Eda Körner-Tezer, M.Sc.-Psych. presents a visualization exercise you can use for your own relaxation and relief.

  • Play Audio: Four-Images Meditation

    In this audio clip, Dipl.-Psych. Van Tien Tran introduces you to a meditation exercise to strengthen your own positive qualities.