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Just Talk It Over With Someone!

Our academic advisors offer you personal advice and assistance with many questions regarding studies. We see our advising as a way to help you help yourself. We guide you on the way to making personal decisions and finding solutions. Our advising does not aim to promote university studies or continue studies at RWTH Aachen. Our conversations are only oriented towards your concerns and interests. Our conversations are strictly confidential. Everything we discuss remains between us.

Info Hours – Office Hours – Individual Appointment

Depending on why you are coming to us, you can either attend open office hours or arrange an advising appointment. Here you can find out, how to get in contact with us and what times we offer open office hours.

The Consulting Team Introduces Itself

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Doubting Your Studies – Am I studying the right thing?

Starting at the first semesters but also even later on you may doubt your choice of what to study. Sometimes this doubt is so deep that you want to change your subject. Use the existing offers of the RWTH Aachen Student Advice Centre, for example the confidential and free individual advising, or attend one of our presentations or workshops on this topic.


Frequently asked questions

What questions can I ask the Student Advice Centre?

The RWTH Aachen Student Advice Centre is a neutral and free advising office and the first point of contact for conceivable questions about studies at RWTH Aachen: orientation, demands, schedule, preparation, rules regarding application-admission-enrollment, subject changes, psychosocial questions, info events.

No matter what your problem is: contact us! If we cannot help you, we will find the right contact for you either within or outside of RWTH Aachen.

When is the best time to go to the open office hours without an appointment?

You can come to the open office hours without registering during our opening hours, if you have a brief question. Depending on the problem you come to us with, it may make sense to attend the open office hour or make an advising appointment. The open office hours is primarily intended for brief questions lasting about 20 minutes, for example to discuss the formalities of changing your course of study. You should make an appointment when you have a problem that will take more time, such as re-orienting yourself or completing a profiling.

Social questions about studies – Where do I find help?

The Student Advice Centre is happy to offer advising on social questions about studies.

Our psychological counseling team helps you if you have psychosocial questions. The staff offers individual meetings as well as different trainings and workshops.

The RWTH Aachen AStA supervises many other areas: financing studies, housing, studying with a disability or chronic illness, studying with a child, and more. AStA also has a legal advice office for students.

You submit your BAföG application directly to Student Services Aachen after enrolling.

How does acceptance to a Master's program at RWTH Aachen work?

After completing your Bachelor's degree you can add on Master's studies at RWTH Aachen – assuming your technical education is sufficient and you receive a study placement for a Master's program requiring an application.

The respective departmental advisors at the faculties can help you if you have questions about the various specializations in the Master's programs.

You should also contact the responsible departmental advising when you have questions about the necessary technical background such as recognition for academic performance from Bachelor's studies – unfortunately the Student Advice Centre cannot provide any binding information on this topic.

You can find important information about taking up Master's studies here:

German and European applicants 
International applicants

Are there are any good resources online that can help me answer my questions?

Yes, there are. You can find good aids for any questions, that can be answered during an academic advising appointment. We put together a few of them in our online research guide. Take a look!

Do I go to the Student Advice Centre or Departmental Advising? What's the difference?

The Student Advice Centre not only provides information about all subjects and decision aids but also about the application process, general BAFöG rules, and social questions about beginning studies. Departmental advisors, however, offer advising specifically for a certain subject and answer your more detailed questions. Their task is to advise students on curriculum content, their personal academic schedules, and questions regarding exam formalities. If students wish to change their subject, the departmental advisors can provide information about which performances will be recognized from the first course of study. They often issue the certificate of good standing needed to enroll in the new subject.