UROP Project

Recent empirical issues in environmental economics



Daniel Holder

Program Director UROP


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Key Info

Basic Information

Project Offer-Number:
UROP International
Organisation unit:
Research Unit International Economics
Language Skills:
A good command of English is sufficient
Computer Skills:
Computer software affinity is required. Prior knowledge of a GIS-software (such as ArcGIS or QGIS) or of an econometric software (such as STATA, R, SPSS, Eviews…) is an asset but can also be learned during the project.


In the field of development economics, the relationship between economic and political development and the level of environmental degradation has been a highly studied issue over the last decades. Recent improvements in data availability (spatial economic data, data derived from satellite images) and computational power have offered new opportunities for more detailed research projects in this field and to move from a pure country-level perspective to a regional one.


The first part of the project will consist of getting a brief overview of the relevant literature and develop - together with the project supervisor - a particular research question that fits the individual interests of the research intern. Based on the concrete research focus of the project, research hypotheses will be derived from the relevant literature that can later be tested empirically. In the next step, relevant data will be collected from publicly available data sources and empirical econometric analyses will be conducted to test the research hypotheses. The final step consists of interpreting, discussing and visualizing the results as well as preparing the research poster for the symposium.


You should be interested in current topics of development economics, in particular environmental economics and/or political economy. Moreover, a general understanding of basic economic concepts is necessary, but deeper knowledge in the particular research field can also be obtained during the project period. Further, a deep interest in learning new software and improving analytical skills as well as willingness to develop own ideas are very helpful.