BeBuddy Ambassador


The BeBuddy program thrives on beautiful stories and pictures of buddies and mentees getting to know each other and becoming friends. You have had a positive experience with your mentee(s) and would like to share it? Tell us about your experiences as a BeBuddy Ambassador. We are excited to hear about your experiences and would love to use your story as inspiration for other buddy-mentee pairs.



Chiara Weber

BeBuddy/Intercultural Trainings Coordinator


+49 241 80 92572




You are/were active as a buddy and you have photos, screenshots, videos, or similar material about your experience with your mentee(s) that we are allowed to use for our RWTH International Office - Social Media channels on Facebook and Instagram.

What exactly do you need to do?

You will need to write down your experience in the BeBuddy program in a short story in English and German. It should be around one DIN A4 pages long (also shorter if you like). There are no further formal requirements.

You can use the following guiding questions to help you:

  • What made you decide to participate in the BeBuddy program?
  • How did the matching and getting to know each other stage go?
  • What did you help your mentee with or what activities did you engage in?
  • What did you personally take away from the BeBuddy program?
  • What would you want other buddies and/or mentees to take away?

Together with your report, please share photos, screenshots, videos, or anything similar depending on what you have.


Are you interested in becoming a BeBuddy Ambassador? Then we cannot wait for you to register with us! Please send an to the coordinator of the BeBuddy program.