Volunteer Work in a Project Supporting Individuals with a Refugee Background


Start with a Friend

Objective: Start with a Friend e.V, brings locals and refugees in tandems together – based on interests and needs. Ideally a friendship evolves, but in any case a network is established which facilitates the refugees’ successful start in Germany. Start with a Friend accompanies and mentors the tandems after the matching and organises a wide range of community activities to bring people together and build a community. Furthermore, we want to create an environment, which enables even people with busy schedules to commit their free time to civic engagement and dedicate their time and resources according to their capacities.

Hêvî für Geflüchtete

Objective: members of the association and those interested meet young refugees- The aim is to establish new mentoring relationships between the participants and youth in the hope of helping the refugees master everyday life in Germany.

Asyldialoge Aachen

Objective: Asyldialoge Aachen is a student initiative, which aims to bring the current refugee situation in Aachen into public focus and to stimulate an open dialogue shaped by mutual understanding.


Objective: we are an organization of young adults collecting money for a ship. We will use this ship to privately rescue refugees in the Mediterranean Sea. We will locate individuals in distress at sea, take them aboard, and bring them safely to the closest port.

Medinetz Aachen e.V.

Objective: a medical advising office and agency for refugees regardless of residence permit and health insurance. Individuals can anonymously approach the organization and talk with someone so that they can determine what type of medical assistance is necessary and then refer them to doctors in Aachen, who have offered either free or reduced cost services to treat refugees with a residence status anonymously.

Starring Aachen

Objective: we believe close contact between refugees and Aacheners is the foundation of integration and participation in society. Students, especially, can support refugees in many areas. For example, we want to bring both sides closer to each other with services such as tutoring, recreational activities, or teaching German.

Kiron – Higher Education for Refugees

Objective: Kiron offers refugees in Germany the possibility to gain access to university studies with an internationally recognized secondary school certificate, thus making a significant contribution to the successful integration of our future fellow citizens in German society. The Kiron-Aachen team is looking for dedicated students, who would like to serve as a mentor to a refugee student.

Ingenieure ohne Grenzen

Objective: The Gazebo Project of the Aachen regional group of Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V. is targeted towards underage refugees and their fellow German pupils. The goal of the project is the long-term integration of young refugees into society through the help of workshops, which include intercultural units. During these workshops prejudices will be recognized and broken down, strategies will be created to manage conflict, and a comprehensive understanding of diversity and multiculturalism among the adolescents will be stimulated. In order to attain this objective, we conduct interactive, playful exercises with participants that promote intercultural learning.

Caritasverband Aachen

Objective: Caritasverband Aachen offers multiple projects related to refugee aid. Helpers are invited to teach traffic rules – with a focus on how to act when cycling in city traffic –, repair donated bikes with the refugees, or to teach them how to ride a bike.

Bürgerstiftung Lebensraum Aachen

Objective: The project "Willkommen für Flüchtlinge“ supports unaccompanied, underage refugees in Aachen. We want to help them settle in here, learn German, experience our culture, integrate, and find their own identity here without forgetting their own culture. Every supporter can bring their own skills and contribute to the creativity.

Café Zuflucht

Objective: Café Zuflucht arose for human rights, advising refugees and promoting meetings with locals. There are many opportunities to get involved with Café Zuflucht: involvement in the weekly Tipp-Café, helping refugees to fill out applications and forms, assisting them with letter writing, accompanying them to the authorities, helping them submit applications, and more.

Förderkreis Asyl Würselen e.V.

Objective: The Förderkreis Asyl Würselen e.V. offers financial and organizational support to volunteers working for and with refugees in Würselen. Participation can include advising, German courses, sponsorship, integration through sports article donations, and more.


Objective: The volunteer project of Sprachenakademie Aachen gGmbH supports language course participants, whose particular (emergency) situation makes it difficult for them to follow along in German lessons. This is often the case with refugees. Most of the refugees are currently from Syria, Eritrea, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Additional volunteers are welcome.