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The Certificate Mobility is targeted at students who spend a period of study abroad of at least 12 weeks.

Mandatory Components

  • Intercultural Training
  • Period of Study Abroad
  • Experience Report

Before embarking upon your study abroad project, you will take part in an intercultural training course. By going abroad you should achieve one of the following objectives: a study abroad period, an internship abroad, a research project abroad, or completing a final project or thesis.

The intercultural training sessions take place on a regular basis. In order to find out about the next sessions, please refer to the calendar of the International Office. If you wish to participate in a training class, please contact the project coordinator. The training sessions will be held in German.

Even if the semester abroad is in the past, you are required to participate in the intercultural training. If you have completed a semester abroad at another university, you have the possibility to register for the equivalent "Certificate Integration".

The Experience Report: What tips would you give to an upcoming RWTH Aachen outgoing, who is planning a stay similar to yours? Please write a small, personal experience report of 1to 2 pages, in which you describe your experiences during your stay, for example about finding a place to live, how studies were organized, health insurance, methods of transportation, and similar experiences. Upload your experience report in your registration form in the database.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to provide proof that I have completed the Intercultural Training?

In case you have taken part in an intercultural training within the BeBuddy program, then you do not have to upload any proof of that, as we keep attendance sheets.

Do I have to provide evidence of having completed a period of study abroad?

As a proof of your studies abroad please upload a Confirmation of Stay Abroad or your Transcript of Records. Have you organized your studies abroad by yourself (free mover) oder have you got an exchange study place outside Europe from your faculty?

Then please register your stay abroad at RWTH International Office and upload the registration confirmation as a proof for your Certificate Mobility.

Please note: the registration is not necessary in case you have taken part in the Erasmus Program abroad or in case you were nominated for a place at a partner University by RWTH International Office.

Where do I send my Experience Report?

Please upload the Experience Report on your study abroad experience in the system (in a PDF or Word format).


Elective Components

Irrespective of whether you wish to fulfill the prerequisites of the Certificate-Mobility or the Certificate-Integration, you have to complete four electives in addition to the mandatory components. To obtain the certificate, you will have to complete all mandatory components as well as the required number of electives.

Group 1

You must select at least two components from the list of group 1 electives:

Group 2

You must select at least two components from the list of group 2 electives: