Certificate International

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You are an RWTH student planning to embark upon a study abroad period? Or are you studying in Aachen for the next few semesters and would like to contribute to internationalization at our university? Do you want to support your international fellow students and actively contribute to mentoring?



Chiara Weber

Koordination BeBuddy


+49 241 80 92572



If so, we have good news for you!

If you take part in our "Certificate International" program, we issue you a document which provides evidence of your extracurricular activities and volunteer work, listing all of your skill-building activities at a glance, including your mentorship of international students.

This way you don't need to collect a pile of social skills certificates for all of your activities – this document communicates your intercultural skills to your future employer.

You can register with us for the Certificate International at any time, and you have all the time to complete the required activities – at least until the end of your studies at RWTH. We advise you to visit us in due course, so we can give you all the information you need.

Depending on your profile, we can offer you two ways of getting the certificate: the Certificate Mobility and the Certificate Integration. However, these are merely different requirements depending on your prerequisites. Regardless of the way you choose to complete the components, you will receive one and the same certificate at the end. A complete overview of the mandatory components can be found on the respective pages. We look forward to your involvement.

Please note that this offer is only for students and not doctoral candidates.


Registration takes place online via the registration form and is free of charge.

You can edit the information in the registration form at any time. You can upload your certificates yourself and view the completed certificate as a pdf at any time. If all of the necessary components have been fulfilled and all documents have been uploaded, contact the project coordinator. She will check all the components and will issue you the finalized certificate.