DAAD Prize


Around 10,000 students with international backgrounds from more than 120 countries are currently enrolled at RWTH Aachen University. Many of them enrich the university community through their impressive social or intercultural commitment and their excellent academic achievements. The DAAD Prize is awarded to outstanding international students who have distinguished themselves not only through exceptional academic achievements but above all through their remarkable social and intercultural commitment.



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Every year, one international student at RWTH Aachen University is chosen to receive the DAAD Prize. The faculties of RWTH Aachen University, the Catholic and Protestant university communities, student associations, and the AStA students’ committee are invited to nominate suitable candidates. The prize is worth 1,000 euros.

Eligibility Criteria

Only those international students can be nominated who

  • are enrolled in a regular degree program at RWTH Aachen and spend most of their time in Germany,
  • are in an advanced stage of their studies, that is, at least in the second year of study of their Bachelor's degree, or at least in the second semester of their Master's degree. Also nominated can be recent graduates who completed their studies less than three months ago or doctoral candidates.
  • These individuals must have distinguished themselves through their academic achievements, and
  • be actively involved in promoting social or intercultural causes.

Students are considered “Bildungsausländer” if they have foreign citizenship and have earned their university entrance qualification at a (German) school abroad or have supplemented their school qualifications acquired abroad with a German preparatory college.

Please note:

Visiting and exchange students, as well as students who have already received the DAAD Prize cannot be considered. Funding by another German organization, foundation, or company in combination with the DAAD Prize is possible, including funding by the DAAD itself. In the case of equally qualified candidates, the selection committee may give preference to a person not receiving other funding.

Students are not allowed to apply themselves, others must nominate them. RWTH institutions are allowed to nominate several students throughout the year.


The RWTH International Office posts the call for nominations for the DAAD Prize in the spring of each year. The institutions entitled to nominate students are invited to propose suitable candidates and submit the following documents by email:

  • A short nomination letter explaining why the student is considered to be a fitting prize winner,
  • The student’s up to date curriculum vitae,
  • The student’s most recent grade point average,
  • evidence of the duration, extent, and nature of the student’s social or intercultural commitment.

The nomination deadline will be announced in the posting. The prize winner will be selected at the university internally.

Presentation of the Award

The DAAD Prize is awarded by the Rector of RWTH in a special ceremony during Welcome Week when new international students are welcomed to the University. The newcomers to Aachen are thus inspired by an outstanding international student right at the beginning of their studies.


A Selection of Previous Prize Winners