MX Academic Cup

What will the propulsion systems of the future look like?

  Aluminum frame and scanner on a table Copyright: © Niklas Bloemen 3D scan of the aluminum frame at the IKT

The MX Academic Cup offers students of all technical disciplines the opportunity to use their creativity and ideas to tackle the task of finding mobility solutions that are climate-friendly as well as performance-oriented. The aim of the competition is to make engineering programs attractive for companies and students alike while also creating points of contact with the automobile industry.

Every year at the beginning of the winter semester, student teams from different universities take part in the MX Academic Cup with their own motorcycle prototype. In the first phase of the competition, the student team members write scientific papers in order to put their idea to paper for publication. This is followed by the second phase, which includes the actual construction of a MX motorcycle, making it the hands-on part of realizing their vision. In this phase, the different participating teams compete against each other during two days of competition.

The first day includes testing in the area of the static disciplines. In the judging of the motorcycles, several factors are taken into consideration – besides performance, weight and safety, also different aspects of sustainability are factored in. The degree of sustainability is being measured by assessing the carbon footprint of each motorcycle during operation as well as during its production. On the second day, the practical test of the different prototypes takes place. In this they are judged on criteria from the dynamic disciplines. Taken into consideration are the categories of acceleration, range, and average lap time on a test track..

Supported by the Hans Hermann Voss Foundation.